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Konstructive IOLITE 29 Mountain Bike Rahmen-Set / frame set, pure carbon style

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TIP: This model is available as frame set or as complete bike with your choice of components, wheels, groupset and accessories. Configure your bike with our Dream Bikes and Wheelset configurator below. Contact us any time if you have any questions or special wishes. You can also use our Dream Bikes configuration form to select any bike part you like for your ultimate Dream. The form is available on a separate page. All pictured products are examples and do not reflect all colours and options that you can select and order.

Size: Large
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The IOLITE is our revolutionary 29er Race Bike, where not only the wheel size but also the frame construction is puposely fitted to the area of use.

Our goal was to develop an extremely fast and nimble Race-Bike that was sturdy enough for tough terrain and long tours and races. Because of that the IOLITE is based on a very stiff carbon chassis with a harder than normal surface. You can even hear it when you knock on the frame, it sounds more like metal than a conventional carbon frame. The round carbon tubing is another distinctive mark of KONSTRUCTIVE frames as it offers the best weight to stiffness ratio.



IOLITE frames can be individually fitted and constructed to your body measures. The Full Custom Option also entails the fitting of the bike to your individual needs when it comes to ride characteristics. From a race oriented geometry through a comfort oriented geometry all the way to a travel bike geometry for extremely long rides our portfolio offers optimization potentials which are based on bio-mechanic principles.