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NEILPRYDE Bayamo Carbon Frame Set, L, black with red

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TIP: This model is available as frame set or as complete bike with your choice of components, wheels, groupset and accessories. See our Dream Bikes and Wheelset configurator below. Contact us any time if you have any questions or special wishes. All pictured products are examples and do not reflect all colours and options that you can select and order.


The razor-sharp triathlon bike. An aerodynamic, responsive and comfortable racing machine.

Designed in collaboration with BMW Group DesignworksUSA using sophisticated Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations, extensive wind tunnel testing and input from the UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team’s TT specialists, BAYAMO is fast and trim, meeting the highest standards for aerodynamics, stiffness and comfort.

BAYAMO features NEILPRYDE’s unique Kamm-tail airfoil. While a traditional airfoil profile performs well at narrow yaw angles, it is inefficient at the wider yaw angles of up to 30° experienced by a rider during time trials and triathlons. The narrow profile and long trailing edge of a traditional airfoil are also structurally unsuitable for withstanding the dynamic forces of a powerful rider.

The NEILPRYDE Kamm-tail takes advantage of the phenomenon where the “tail” of the airfoil is truncated; cheating the wind into behaving like the truncated surface is still present and minimizing drag. The subtle chamfered trailing edge also reduces turbulence at wider yaw angles, dramatically improving aerodynamic performance.

The profile of the NEILPRYDE Kamm-tail airfoil is 10% wider than those found on other leading time trial bikes. This has the dual benefit of delaying flow separation, further reducing drag, and providing an inherent shape that is up to 60% stiffer than traditional airfoils.

The result is a frame that balances aerodynamic performance with the stiffness to weight ratios necessary for a professional level race machine.


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Das Modell BAYAMO ist ein Aero-Bike in Reinstform. Es profitiert in erster Linie vom großen Erfahrungsschatz, den NEILPRYDE in den
vergangenen 40 Jahren bei der Entwicklung von Segeln und Surfboards aufgebaut hat. Als Marktführer und Anbieter diverser aerodynamischer
Sportgeräte mit Carbon-Technologie fiel es NEILPRYDE nicht schwer, das Wissen über Aerodynamik und Verbundwerkstoffe zu kombinieren
und in die Entwicklung seiner Rennräder und Triathlonbikes einfließen zu lassen.
Das Ergebnis der langen Entwicklungsarbeit ist das BAYAMO. Durch die ausgeklügelte Profilierung der Rahmenrohre wird die Aerodynamik
in optimaler Weise begünstigt, was zu einer deutlichen Zeit- und Kraftersparnis beim Zeitfahren oder Triathlon führt. Messungen auf einem
Testparcour haben bestätigt, dass das Fahren mit dem BAYAMO zu einem Zeitvorteil gegenüber einem Rennrad mit konventionellen,
runden Rohren im Minutenbereich führt.